Friday, September 7, 2012

1 Day!

Ride leaves tomorrow! Grab you're shit and go man. Hopefully everyone's bikes are up and running and ready for the ride. 150 miles should be cake for most bikes. Once we get where we;re going, we'll have time to relax, drink, get some food and maybe even putt our way over to my buddy Pete's place for some extracurricular activity.

Chase truck problemo has been narrowly avoided thanks to Tom and his son Jake. Weather appears to be perfect, beer is loaded and raffle prizes are being divided tonight! Rock n Roll. See you there. - Brian

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chase Truck Snafu

The ride is just 2 days out. Holy shit. Everything is on track aside from the chase truck driver and back up driver both bailing. Looks like either Im driving the truck or someone creeps in at the last moment to save my ass.

NOTICE: If you have a truck and would be willing to drive along behind the group for the weekend, please contact me ASAP at! If you've got a truck, I've got the trailer and Ill cover your gas.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ride Update

We're 11 days out! Nuts man! The ride is coming on quick. Here are some updates. The site ( is updated complete with route info and the camping arrangements have all been settled. The folks at Sisko's camp have been cool enough to accept our group with open arms. Also - we're printing up a run of shirts to give out until their gone. Beyond that, all is moving along quickly. 

Note to Sponsors: - Time is definitely running out fast. Please - please send in your care packages as soon as possible. We want to make sure everything is accounted for and divided up evenly for the raffles as soon as we can. Again, please do not hesitate to send those donations. The mailing address is Speed Club attn: Brian 2366 Como Ave Saint Paul, MN 55108
Lastly, we just want to thank all our sponsors again for the helping hand in getting this trip off the ground. It's a very cool thing you all are doing. Good vibes from us to all of you. Brian - SC

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Straight Outta Ohio

The Lowbrow gang was busy out at the salt flats and STILL somehow managed to put together an amazing care package for the ride complete with sttickers, shirts, banners, and a fucking sweet little DVD collection including a copy of Salt Ghost. Very - Very cool goodies.

Chop Cult - Knocking it Out

Package from Chop Cult came in. What can I say. Thank you guys so much. Not only did the CC gang hook us up with some much appreciated advertising, they also put together a sweet care package for give away!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hey man, Pack your shit and let go!
The ride details have finally been posted on the ROUTE page.
Im not much of a planner in general but I think got everything. Bikes, map, cash, food, camping, bear, beers, and even a rain date in case shit goes sideways.


Sisko's Pine Point Resort - Bar and lake side camping!
These are real cool folks and they're nice enough to welcome our group with open arms. As I mentioned before, the bar is on premises and serves two things. Booze and Pizzas. If you need more, bring it.